1. ‘The Grey Curtain’, poem, published in Dec 2013 issue of Storizen, India.  

  2.  ‘Summer Haiku’, published in Spring 2014 issue of Noctua Review, USA.

  3. ‘The Park at Midnight’, poem, published in May 2014 issue of Storizen, India.

  4. ‘The Weeping Woman’, Ekphrastic poem based on Picasso’s eponymous painting, was one of the prizewinners in the British Council and Sampad Arts (UK)‘Inspired by the Museum’ international contest and published in the anthology.

  5. ‘Bombay Haiku’, published in the June 2014 issue of Taj Mahal Review, India.

  6. ‘The Moor’, poem, published in the July 2014 ‘Cage’ issue of Miracle e-zine, UK

  7. 2 Haiku, published in the Summer 2014 issue of Chuffed Buff Books, UK

  8. Haiku received Honorable mention for 1 Haiku in the ‘Autumn Moon-Viewing Haiku Contest 2014’ by the Bangor Haiku Group, Maine USA.

  9. Haiku shortlisted in the International Capoliveri Haiku Contest and published in Anthology with translation into Italian, May 2015, Italy.

  10. 2 Haiku, published in the ‘Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum Haiku Contest’ anthology, July 2015.

  11. ‘Timeline’, poem, published in August 2015 issue of Yellow Chair Review, USA.

  12. ‘When nobody's watching’ Haibun poem, published in August 2015 issue of Whirlwind Magazine, Philadelphia, USA.

  13. Haiku published in anthology and selected as a distinguished poet in the International Matsuo Bashō Award by the Italian Haiku association, Sep 2015, Italy.

  14. 3rd prize winner in the 20th International "Kusamakura" Haiku Competition, Nov 2015, Kumamoto, Japan. 

  15. Haiku published by the Asahi Haikuist Network, in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Dec 2015, Japan.

  16. ‘7 to 9 Funk’, poem, published in the Dec 2015, Nostalgia themed issue of Spark Magazine, India.

  17. ‘Unwanted’, ‘Asymptote’ and ‘Co-ordinates of Longing’ poems published in the Dec 2015 issue of  JACLR, Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain.

  18. Senryu published in the Dec 2015 issue of Sonic Boom Journal, India.

  19. Haiku commendation in the Polish International Haiku Competition- V Edition. Jan 2016, Poland.

  20. Haiku published in Issue 95 of Right Hand Pointing Journal. Feb 2016,USA.

  21. 2 poems, 'The Young Bride' and 'Desert Song' published in The Fem LIterary Magazine. Feb 2016, USA. 

  22.  Haiku is a Runner Up in the 2016 Golden Haiku Contest. March 2016, Washington DC,USA.

  23. Haiku published in Spring 2016 Issue of Akitsu Quarterly. March 2016, USA. 

  24. Runner Up in the Second International Bulgarian Haiku Contest, with Haiku translated to Bulgarian. April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  25. 2 Haiku published in Crysanthemum Issue 19 and translated into German. April 2016, Germany. 

  26. Haiku shortlisted in the International Capoliveri Haiku Contest and published in Anthology with translation into Italian, June 2016, Italy.     

  27. Poem selected for the Dos Gatos Press, 2017 Texas Poetry Calender, USA. 

  28. 2nd Prize in The 2016 Wordweavers Haiku Contest, Sep 2016, India.

  29. 'Burn' haibun poem, published in 'Paralysis' issue of Whirlwind Magazine, Aug, 2016, Philadelphia, USA.

  30. 'The Wounded Deer' haibun poem, published in Vol 10, Issue 3 of Haibun Today, Sep 2016, USA.

  31. 'Gulmohar Dreams' haibun poem, published in Vol 12, Issue 3 of Contemporary Haibun Online, Oct 2016, USA.

  32. Haiku published in Haiku Universe, Nov 2016, USA.

  33. 'Garlic' haibun poem, published in the 'Plate in the Mirror' anthology by Printable Reality and the New Zealand Poetry Society.