'Burn' Haibun published in Whirlwind Magazine!!

Check out my Haibun 'Burn' published in Issue 9 of Whirlwind Magazine! The theme for this issue of Whirlwind is 'Paralysis'. 

An excerpt from my poem "Burn",

... The smell of the fire is imprinted on my mind and tattooed on my skin. No man can fight the fire. No woman comes out unscathed....

You can check out my full Haibun and the amazing full issue here: 


In the times we live in, most people feel a sense of paralysis and even helplessness, but art and poetry can bear witness and hence effect change.

I am so grateful my work was included as part of such an important conversation! 

Sean Lynch and the folk at Whirlwind magazine (based out of Philadelphia, USA) have always been a pleasure to work with! 

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