Reading at The Poetry Project, NYC!!

In December 2018, I had the opportunity and privilege to read at ‘The Poetry Project’ in New York City!!

It was such an incredible experience and one that I absolutely loved!!

There is something electrifying about the NYC literary scene and it was the perfect way to beat the winter blues!

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At the poetry project NYC


2017 was such a blur! In between writing and editing the manuscript of my first book of poetry, this blog, sort of fell to the wayside. 

But a lot happened in poetry land for me in 2017! Here are some of the highlights!

1. I was a semifinalist 3 times in the Ito En Art of Haiku Contest! Check out my haiku on these links:

2. I was a runner up once again at the 2017 Golden Triangle Haiku Contest! My haiku was displayed on the streets of Washington DC!! So exciting being a part of such a lovely public art project!!

3. Found out my Haiku had been commended in a Croatian Haiku contest and translated to Croatian! I always love when my work travels to places and languages I haven't! 

4. I mustered all my courage and read at the London Poetry Cafe's open mic while out on a vacation! Had a lovely evening of poetry and made some new poetry friends( one can never have too many! )

5. My haibun 'The Lake' was published in Jaggery Journal! (One of my favorite journals of asian writing!)

Lots more to write and explore! Here's to a great 2018!

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Haibun Love

Haibun is one of my favorite forms of poetry! 

Over the past few months, several of my Haibun have been published. Check out 2 of my favorite haibun at 'Haibun Today' and 'Contemporary Haibun Online'.

Contemporary Haibun Online: My Haibun 'Gulmohar Dreams', was published in the Oct 2016 Issue of Contemporary Haibun Online. Check it out here!

Haibun Today: My Haibun 'The Wounded Deer', based on Frida Kahlo's eponymous painting was published in the Sep 2016 Issue of Haibun today. Check it out here!

Follow both these journals for some exquisitely crafted Haibun!

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'Burn' Haibun published in Whirlwind Magazine!!

Check out my Haibun 'Burn' published in Issue 9 of Whirlwind Magazine! The theme for this issue of Whirlwind is 'Paralysis'. 

An excerpt from my poem "Burn",

... The smell of the fire is imprinted on my mind and tattooed on my skin. No man can fight the fire. No woman comes out unscathed....

You can check out my full Haibun and the amazing full issue here:

In the times we live in, most people feel a sense of paralysis and even helplessness, but art and poetry can bear witness and hence effect change.

I am so grateful my work was included as part of such an important conversation! 

Sean Lynch and the folk at Whirlwind magazine (based out of Philadelphia, USA) have always been a pleasure to work with! 

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International Capoliveri Haiku Contest!!

2 yrs in a row!! I am so excited to be selected in the Capoliveri Haiku contest 2015! Looking forward to seeing my haiku translated to Italian once more!

The International Capoliveri Haiku contest is organized by the Municipality of Capoliveri and by Associazione Culturale Versanti Poetici in Capoliveri, Italy.

I was fortunate enough to also be one of the authors selected for the anthology last year and it was such an amazing feeling seeing my haiku translated into Italian. 

Someday I hope to visit Italy and write my poetry under the mediterranean sun, but till then, I am so glad that my work gets to travel to places and languages that I haven't...

You can read last years anthology of winners and selected poems with translation to Italian here!



2016 Golden Haiku Contest!

So excited that my haiku has been selected as a runner up in the Golden Triangle DC Haiku contest!!  My haiku is going to be displayed in flower beds around DC starting today !!! So excited to be a part of this public art project!! 

Check out my haiku and others on this link and around the Golden Triangle in DC through March/April 2016!

Feeling blessed that my art is actually out in the public conscience in one of the most amazing cities in the world! Looking forward to traveling to DC and looking for my Haiku... I'll post back here with photos!

For now, here it is!