2017 was such a blur! In between writing and editing the manuscript of my first book of poetry, this blog, sort of fell to the wayside. 

But a lot happened in poetry land for me in 2017! Here are some of the highlights!

1. I was a semifinalist 3 times in the Ito En Art of Haiku Contest! Check out my haiku on these links:




2. I was a runner up once again at the 2017 Golden Triangle Haiku Contest! My haiku was displayed on the streets of Washington DC!! So exciting being a part of such a lovely public art project!!

3. Found out my Haiku had been commended in a Croatian Haiku contest and translated to Croatian! I always love when my work travels to places and languages I haven't! 

4. I mustered all my courage and read at the London Poetry Cafe's open mic while out on a vacation! Had a lovely evening of poetry and made some new poetry friends( one can never have too many! )

5. My haibun 'The Lake' was published in Jaggery Journal! (One of my favorite journals of asian writing!)

Lots more to write and explore! Here's to a great 2018!

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